Bret Michaels
Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels

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Born Bret Michael Sychak in Butler, Pennsylvania, in 1963, Bret Michaels rose to fame as the singer for 1980s L.A. hair metal group Poison, whose career reached its apex with 1988 album, OPEN UP AND SAY...AHH!. The arrival of grunge put Michaels's career effectively on hold in the mid-1990s; the singer spent much of the second half of the decade working on A LETTER FROM DEATH ROW, a film project with Charlie Sheen, for which Michaels's first solo album served as the soundtrack. Poison launched a successful reunion tour in 1999, and since then Michaels has divided his time between his band, solo work including 2003's SONGS OF LIFE, and a burgeoning career in reality television.

    Butler, PA
  • BORN
    March 15, 1963

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