Boy & Bear - Top Songs

Southern Sun (Commentary)
Harlequin Dream (Commentary)
Old Town Blues (Commentary)
A Moment's Grace (Commentary)
Shape of Love (feat. Boy & Bear)
Walk the Wire
Southern Sun
Three Headed Woman (Commentary)
Feeding Line
Bridges (Commentary)
Back Down the Black (Commentary)
Real Estate (Commentary)
End of the Line (Commentary)
Stranger (Commentary)
Where'd You Go
Arrow Flight (Commentary)
Limit of Love
Hold Your Nerve
Part Time Believer
Breakdown Slow
Just Dumb
A Thousand Faces
Hold Your Nerve
Suck on Light
Milk & Sticks
Lordy May
Hollow Ground
Work of Art
Man Alone
My Only One
Ghost 11
House & Farm
Old Town Blues
Fox Hole
Big Man
Bird of Paradise
Golden Jubilee
Harlequin Dream
Off My Head
Long Long Way
The Village
A Moment's Grace
Bad People
Southern Sun (Acoustic)
Dry Eyes
Wicked Game