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The son of a jazz trombone player, Boris Dlugosch established his own legacy as one of Europe's top DJs and producers. In addition to producing the remix hits "Keep Pushin'" in 1996 and "Hold Your Head Up High," the following year, Dlugosch has brought remix success to Moloko, Michael Watford, Edesio, Djaimin, DeMage, and the Jasper Street Co..
Dlugosch continued to DJ every Saturday night at Germany's premier house music club, the Front, where he launched his career in 1986. As the club's booking manager during the '90s, he introduced German audiences to such American artists as Frankie Knuckles, Masters at Work, Roger S., David Morales, DJ Pierre, DJ Disciple, and Deep Dish.
While his early work was inspired by American R&B artists including James Brown, Marvin Gaye and the Commodores, and British rock bands, Dlugosch began to incorporate hip-hop and funk influences in the late '80s.
Shortly after agreeing to host a Saturday night show for N-Joy Radio in 1994, Dlugosch made his first forays into the recording studio. Working with New York producer Lem Springsteen, he scored hits with remixes of Moloko's "Sing It Back" and Hot 'N' Juicy's "Horny." Although his 1996 release, "Keep On Pushin'," became an international dance hit, "Hold Your Head Up High" did even better a year later. A video of the tune was placed in rotation on MTV and the European music TV station Viva.
Dlugosch opened his own recording studio in Hamburg in the summer of 1997. ~ Craig Harris

    Hamburg, Germany
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