Boris Brejcha
Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha

About Boris Brejcha

With his simultaneously melodic and menacing style of dance music, German DJ, producer, and Fcking Serious label boss Boris Brejcha is beloved in both popular and underground club culture.

• Brejcha started out playing drums and keyboards in bands. Once he discovered electronic music, he gravitated to trance before switching to techno.
• He produced music for years before making his live debut in 2006.
• An incisive innovator, Brejcha calls his eclectic style “high-tech minimal,” a blend of his favorite elements of techno, progressive house, and trance.
• He happened upon his masked joker pesona by accident, while looking for a way to stand out among other acts while getting ready to play a show in Rio de Janeiro. The disguise was inspired by the city’s famous Carnival.
• In 2019, the globetrotting producer embarked on his first full-length stateside tour, hitting house and techno hotbeds like Miami and Chicago. He’s known for exclusively playing his own productions while performing, giving his sets a uniquely authentic feel.
• His 2020 album Space Diver—released on Ultra Records—features a pair of vocal cameos from his longtime partner, Ginger.

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