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Head of the German hip-hop label Toprott Muzik and a member of the 187 Strassenbande collective, hardcore rapper Bonez MC is also a solo artist. Born in 1985 in Hamburg, Bonez debuted in 2006 on 187 Strassenbande's 187 Mixtape, then his solo debut album, Mehr Geht Nicht, landed in 2008 on Jentown Crhyme Records. The Crhyme label also released 187 Strassenbande der Sampler in 2009, while in 2011 Bonez launched his Toprott Muzik imprint with 187 Strassenbande der Sampler 2.
In 2012, Bonez returned to his solo career with a release on Toprott, Krampfhaft Kriminell. He collaborated with Gzuz on a pair of releases, 2014's High & Hungrig (a Top Ten hit) plus 2016's High & Hungrig 2 (his first number one album in Germany). Just a few months later, Bonez was back at the top of the charts with Palmen aus Plastik, recorded with RAF Camora. ~ David Jeffries

    Hamburg, Germany
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