About Bodywash

Montreal's Bodywash offer a seductive mix of dream pop, shoegaze, and trip-hop influences with an experimental bent. Their lavishly designed full-length debut, Comforter, saw release in 2019.
Bodywash formed at McGill University in 2014 when co-vocalists Chris Steward (guitar) and Rosie Long Decter (synths) began jamming together in a campus rehearsal room after bonding over a shared fondness for shoegaze and dream pop. They recorded an eponymous 2016 EP with bass player Tom Gould, guitarist Adam Macpherson, and drummer Austin Pine that favored dream pop. Founding members worked to add shoegaze and trip-hop influences to the mix for their debut album. Featuring the lineup of Steward, Long Decter, Gould, and drummer Ryan White, it was recorded by Nigel Ward and mixed by Austin Tufts and Taylor Smith of Braids. The resulting Comforter arrived on Luminelle Recordings in mid-2019. By that time, fifth member Rian Adamian had joined the group on guitar. ~ Marcy Donelson

    Montreal, Canada
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