About Bobbysocks

The Norwegian winners of the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest, the Bobbysox singing duo was formed in 1983 by Norwegian Hanne Krogh and Swedish-Norwegian Elisabeth Andreassen. They released their first album, Bobbysocks, in 1984 and, the following year, Eurovision saw their "La Dette Swinge" single become an international hit. Norway's first ever Eurovision winners, Bobbysox were also awarded their homeland's highest musical award, the Peer Gynt Prize, in recognition of their victory.
The Bobbysocks album was reactivated in the aftermath of Eurovision and followed the single to chart glory, while the duo worked on their next LP, 1986's Waiting for Morning. There would be one further album, 1988's Walkin' on Air, before Bobbysox disbanded in 1988; however, the duo still perform together on occasion, including an appearance at the 50th anniversary Eurovision concert in Copenhagen, Denmark in October, 2005. ~ Dave Thompson

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