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Dallas-born Bobby Sessions was destined for success with his outsider take on hip-hop, giving him an edge over his contemporaries. With his 2015 debut, LOA (Law of Attraction), attracting acclaim for its thought-provoking lyrics and content, Sessions would go on to dissect American politics and society with his RVLTN project. Born and raised in Pleasant Grove, Dallas, Texas, Sessions' childhood changed when his family relocated outside of the city, some 20 miles away in a quiet suburb. Focusing on education and in particular poetry, he found an outlet that he could use to express himself, going on to perform throughout his college years before realizing that layering his poetry over beats made for an even more powerful expression. Sessions found himself a label home in 2015 with High Standardz, which released his thought-provoking debut LOA (Law of Attraction). Shunning the lyrical content that many of his contemporaries used, Sessions delivered messages of empowerment balanced with tales of social and racial injustices on tracks like "Black America." Attracting the ear of Def Jam's Paul Rosenberg, the label signed Sessions, releasing the single "Like Me" in 2018. Later that year he put out his second album, RVLTN (Chapter 1): The Divided States of Amerikkka, which also included a reworking of his track "Black Neighborhood," this time featuring a guest spot from Killer Mike. A follow-up, RVLTN (Chapter 2): The Art of Resistance, appeared soon after, alongside a handful of solo tracks and guest spots. 2020 saw him return with the release of his third album -- and the third chapter in his RVLTN project -- RVLTN (Chapter 3): The Price of Freedom, once again breaking barriers with his dissection of American politics and society. ~ Rich Wilson

Pleasant Grove, Dallas, TX
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