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Dry, witty, and way ahead of their time, comedy duo Bob & Ray were rightfully inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame in the radio division, but their five decades of work touched upon other mediums as well. Featuring Bob Elliot (born 1923 and father of comedian Chris Elliot) and Ray Goulding (19221990), the satirical duo met in the '40s at Boston radio station WHDH-AM. They had their own separate programs, but were called upon as a duo to fill the air when the Boston Red Sox were rained out. They were offered a regular show in 1946 and continued on the air for the next four decades, taking their sketch radio show to NBC, CBS, national syndication, and eventually to National Public Radio, where they ended their run in 1987. After hosting the RCA various-artists collection Bob & Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular in 1958, their own debut comedy album, Bob & Ray on a Platter, was released on the label in 1960. The live album The Two and Only followed on Columbia in 1970 and documented the duo's year-long run on Broadway. Another Broadway run, this time in the early '80s, was documented on the 1985 album A Night of Two Stars. Many of their radio shows have since become available on album, cassette, or download. ~ David Jeffries