About Blxst

Rapper and producer Blxst is one of the most versatile artists to come out of the Los Angeles hip-hop community.

• Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Blxst was fully immersed in hip-hop. While adjusting to the separation of his parents and moving to a new neighborhood, he found comfort in producing beats and writing lyrics to express his inner anguish.
• He got his start with the collective TIU Muzic. Blxst was originally slated to rap and produce, but he soon honed his skills as a videographer and learned the basics of cultivating an audience and building a brand.
• In 2015, he established the independent label Evgle. Blxst released his debut album, No Love Lost, via Red Bull Records/Evgle in 2020. The project includes his breakout hit “Hurt,” which has racked up millions of streams.
• Ty Dolla $ign, Tyga, Dom Kennedy, and Bino Rideaux are featured on the deluxe version of No Love Lost.

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