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Known to his immediate family as Peter Harris, Blu Peter was a progenitor of the late '90s Nu-NRG subgenre and one of the first DJs to convince mainstream producers to wrestle dance culture towards progressive house and techno. Prior to the acclaim, Blu Peter began a full-time DJ career in 1992, clocking in residencies at British clubs like Heaven and Turnmills. From ever-widening DJ tours through Croatia, Amsterdam, Israel, Moscow, Japan, South Africa, and Ibiza, he turned his attention to producing, releasing a handful of singles under the Elevator, Quench, and Mass monikers. Harris eventually landed on the Blu Peter tag and before long his reputation for funky, positive, and short-tempered trance exploded, with a number of Reactivate compilations and a growing catalogue of progressive singles ratcheting up his credibility in all the right circles. In 1998, Blu Peter disappeared from view and returned a year later with the lauded but low-selling debut Widescreen & Digital. Fans accused the album's low sales on bad timing, the album's forward-looking blend of vivid trance and progressive beats simply ahead of its time, but Blu Peter spent much of the next two years back in the studio trying to figure out how to regain the momentum. ~ Dean Carlson


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