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Bloodlined Calligraphy is that comparative rarity, a thrashy metalcore band with a female lead singer doing the usual Cookie Monster vocals instead of a burly, deep-voiced dude. Bloodlined Calligraphy is fundamentally an extension of an earlier metalcore act, Friction. Formed in Ypsilanti, MI, in 1998, Friction had been developing a following, but regular lineup changes disrupted their momentum. Faced with rebuilding the group after another mass exodus in early 2002, bassist Eric Cargile and drummer Matt Carter brought in new guitarist Ryan Hampton with the original intent of forming a new lineup of Friction, but by the time new singer Matthew Fleming had joined the band, they had already changed their name to the more unique Bloodlined Calligraphy, a name that also emphasized the members' Christian beliefs. Signing to the CCM indie Selah Records, the group released their debut album, Say Hi to the Bad Guy, in the fall of 2002. With Fleming unable to tour, he left the band amicably and was replaced by female singer Ally French; second guitarist Shawn Williams also joined at this point. Signing with the larger alternative Christian indie Facedown Records in 2003, Bloodlined Calligraphy released the 2004 EP The Beginning of the End prior to their breakthrough with 2005's They Want You Silent. Following the release of Bloodlined Calligraphy's third album, Ypsilanti, in the fall of 2006, Carter chose to leave the band due to family commitments, tapping new drummer Robbie Coran to take his place. On the other end of the thoughtfulness scale, French reportedly quit the band via text message the night before a six-week tour, which the band completed with the help of temporary singers. A new permanent lead singer, Ellen Hoffman, was announced in November 2006. ~ Stewart Mason

Ypsilanti, MI

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