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About Blood Youth

Born out of the remnants of their former band Climates, Blood Youth are a Yorkshire-based melodic hardcore outfit known for both their angry, pop-punk-infused vocals, boisterous percussion, and bulky, palm-muted guitar riffs. After Climates dissolved, the remaining members -- Chris Pritchard (guitar) and Sam Hallett (drums) -- set about venting their frustrations with a new songwriting regime and eventually produced a handful of new compositions by the end of 2014. Armed to the teeth with an array of new sounds, styles, and tones that encapsulated their anxieties, the musicians eventually found the last vital ingredient for their auditory concoction in vocalist Kaya Tarsus. In 2015, the ensemble caught the attention of independent Italian hardcore label Rude Records and went on to put out their first official release, the Inside My Head EP, that same year. The effort received acclaim from critics, who credited the band with displaying some much-needed originality in an arguably oversaturated genre. They followed up with the Closure EP in 2016, which expanded their fan base significantly. They released their first full-length, Beyond Repair, in 2017. ~ Rob Wacey

Yorkshire, England