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Glaswegian metal band Bleed from Within's combination of crushing guitars with sweeping melodies has made them a favorite on the U.K.'s live metal scene. The band formed in 2005 at their local youth club in Hamilton -- just outside of Glasgow, Scotland -- where they met up to play Lamb of God covers. Initially the band consisted of Scott Kennedy (vocals), Ali Richardson (drums), Craig Gowans (bass), Dave Lennon (guitar), and Scott McCreadie (guitar). In the next two years, the group graduated from covers and managed to self-record two EPs, 2006's Eyes of the Forgotten and 2007's Welcome to the Plague Year. The EPs caught the attention of Rising Records, who signed them in 2008 and released their debut album, Humanity, the year after. Soon after their debut, the line-up underwent some changes, with McCreadie bowing out and Gowans switching from bass to guitar; they hired Dave Provan as their new bassist. In 2010, the group found widespread recognition after taking part in Metal Hammer's Razor Tour alongside Sylosis and While She Sleeps. Capitalizing on their new-found popularity, they released their sophomore album, Empire, later the same year. The next two years saw several more changes, most notably Martyn Evans replacing Lennon on guitar and a switch to Century Media Records; their third album, Uprising, arrived in 2013 on the new label. The rest of the year was dedicated to touring, including support slots for Testament and Megadeth, and a slot on Metal Hammer's Defenders of the Faith IV Tour with Amon Amarth, Hell, and Carcass. In 2014, the band crowd-funded their Death Walk EP, posited as a bridge between their fourth and fifth album. However, their fifth album was delayed by four years as the band worked through personal issues, including Evans' departure. They attempted to continue as a four-piece for a time, although they concluded that they would not be able to operate without two guitars, leading to the arrival of Steven Jones. Their fifth album, Era, was eventually released in 2018, again on Century Media. ~ Liam Martin

    Glasgow, Scotland
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