Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

About Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Former San Francisco high-school friends Robert Levon Been (aka Robert Turner) and Peter Hayes formed the trio that would become Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with British drummer Nick Jago in 1998. BRMC's self-titled debut arrived on Virgin Records in 2001, followed by the slicker Take Them on, on Your Own in 2003. The Americana-influenced Howl arrived on RCA in 2005. BRMC returned to loud rock & roll with 2007's Baby 81, after which Nick Jago was replaced by Leah Shapiro, who played drums on 2008's The Effects of 333 and 2010's Beat the Devil's Tattoo, the latter released by Vagrant. After the death of Been's father, the Call's Michael Been, BRMC released 2013's Specter at the Feast and covered the Call on "Let the Day Begin." ~ Bryan Thomas

    San Francisco, CA

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