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A punishing thrash metal quartet from St. Louis, Missouri, Black Fast earned their reputation in the metal community through blistering shows around the Midwest and a pair of respected independent releases in the early 2010s. After signing with media giant Entertainment One, they made their international debut with 2015's ferocious Terms of Surrender, then established an even wider audience in 2018 with their label follow-up, Spectre of Ruin.
The members of Black Fast coalesced in Edwardsville, Illinois in 2010, drawing inspirations from classic thrash and black metal for their self-titled debut EP which they released the following year. Made up of singer/guitarist Aaron Akins, lead guitarist Trevor Johanson, bassist Ryan Thompson, and drummer Ross Burnett, the group offered up the seven-song full-length, Starving Out the Light, in 2013, earning more widespread listenership on platforms like Bandcamp and the myriad streaming services. It was enough to help them secure a contract with Entertainment One who issued the band's label debut, Terms of Surrender, in 2015. That album saw them join forces with Hate Eternal frontman and lauded metal producer, Erik Rutan, who also helmed their next release, 2018's Spectre of Ruin. ~ Timothy Monger

    St. Louis, MO

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