About BiSH

BiSH is an all-female Japanese idol group who have scored seven Top 10 singles in that country with a punk-influenced brand of J-pop.

∙ The group was formed in 2015 by manager Watanabe Junnosuke, who wanted to create a successor to BiS, his previous idol group.
Brand-New Idol Sh*t, their first album, reached No. 20 on the Oricon Albums chart, an impressive showing for a debut release on an independent label.
∙ “PAiNT it BLACK,” from 2018, was their first No. 1 single, and it was later used as the opening theme for the TV anime series Black Clover.
∙ In 2019, their song “More Than Like” was selected as the final opening theme for the long-running anime series Fairy Tail.
∙ BiSH was featured on “FUTURE WORLD,” a 2019 hit for Japanese actor and singer Shingo Katori.
∙ The 2020 collection For Live -Bish Best- was the band’s fourth straight album to chart in the Oricon Top 10 and their first to hit No. 1.

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