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Like the glittery offspring of the New York Dolls, Billy Boy on Poison create a debauched, glammy, gender-bending style of rock & roll. The co-ed band took shape in 2006, when L.A. native Davis LeDuke (vocals) began piecing together a lineup that included schoolmates Ryan Wallengren (guitar) and Julian Borrego (bass). LeDuke's female cousin, Jessi Calcaterra, relocated from Colorado to become the band's drummer, and guitarist Greg West joined after hearing LeDuke's music on MySpace. With their lineup firmly in place, the teenaged bandmates began playing the L.A. circuit and attracting attention from such industry veterans as singer/songwriter Jude Cole. Impressed with their live performance, Cole signed the quintet to Ironworks Music, an independent label founded by Cole and actor Kiefer Sutherland. Billy Boy on Poison's official debut arrived in early 2008, when Ironworks released the Sweet Mess EP. One year later, Drama Junkie Queen marked the band's first full-length release. ~ Andrew Leahey

    Los Angeles, CA
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