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The late-'80s intersection of industrial EBM (electronic body music) and acid house proved strong in the careers of Psychic TV and Front 242 as well as Bigod 20, the acid house project of longtime EBM producer Talla 2XLC. A trio comprising Talla plus producer Jallokin and later vocalist Zip Campisi, the group debuted in 1988 with a pair of club hits, "Body to Body" and "America" -- the latter with additional songwriting credits by Richard 23 and Patrick Codenys of Front 242. Trouble with their label forced a hiatus of over two years, but when the major label Sire Records came calling in 1992, Bigod 20 signed an American deal. The first single under the contract was "The Bog," with 242 vocalist Jean Luc DeMeyer. The duo added Zip Campisi to sing on their debut album Steel Works, released later that year. By 1994's Supercute however, Talla 2XLC had left for what could loosely be termed a solo career, recording on his own for Polygram, Suck Me Plasma and Cleopatra. ~ John Bush

    Brussels, Belgium

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