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A member of Snoop Dogg's proteges Tha Eastsidaz, Big Tray Deee released his first solo effort in 2002. Before that, he was discovered by the infamous West Coast rapper along with his friend Goldie Loc in the mid-90's. Snoop Dogg had left Death Row Records and was trying to help his friends get recording deals, and after being impressed by Tha Eastsidaz' demo tape he presented their first album on TVT Records. This eponymous debut was followed up by Duces n' Trays: The Old Fashioned Way, which was a better received album that produced a few club hits. By 2002, Big Tray Deee had enough material for a solo release, and with the help of Dr. Dre and Snoop he released General's List in the fall. ~ Bradley Torreano

United States of America