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About Bibi und Tina

Bibi und Tina is a spin-off of the popular German radio show and animated television series Bibi Blocksberg. Bibi und Tina follows the adventures of 13-year-old witch Bibi and her friend Tina Martin, who lives on a farm with her mother as they struggle to make a living raising horses after the death of Tina's father. Bibi puts her magical gifts to work helping out around the farm, but she hasn't lost her mischievous streak, and Tina is often her accomplice in her practical jokes. While Bibi & Tina are good friends who share a love for horses, they also both like the neighbor boy Alexander, leading to occasional misunderstandings between them. Susanna Bonasewicz once again provides the voice of Bibi on the series, while Tina is voiced by Dorette Hugo. As with Bibi Blocksberg, Bibi und Tina began as a radio serial and later became an animated television series; thanks to the ongoing popularity of the characters, many episodes of the radio program have been released in Germany. ~ Mark Deming