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The artist behind the fragile, melancholic, folk-laced indie pop of Best Girl Athlete, Katie Buchan was born into a musical household. Her father, C.S. Buchan, a Scottish folk musician active in the northeastern part of the country, would sometimes have her sing with him at shows. Having also sung in her grammar-school choir and learned guitar, she began writing songs both alone and with her father in her early teens. Besides performing with her father, she lent vocals to the opening track of Indian Red Lopez's Commit in 2014, and was signed to her U.S. label at age 14. Best Girl Athlete's debut album, Carve Every Word, was released in early 2015 by her father's Fitlike Records in the U.K. and by Minty Fresh in the U.S. Still balancing school with music at the time, Buchan put off offers to tour abroad until the spring. ~ Marcy Donelson

Aberdeen, Scotland

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