Bernard Peiffer
Bernard Peiffer

Bernard Peiffer

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b. 23 October 1922, Epinal, France, d. 7 September 1976, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Following intensive training as a classical pianist, Peiffer began playing jazz in distinguished company. While still a young man he played with Django Reinhardt, Hubert Rostaing and other European jazzmen and also with visiting Americans such as Rex Stewart, Don Byas and Sidney Bechet. By the end of the 40s he had become very well known in his native land, leading small groups and also working alone. Persuaded to visit the USA, he moved there in the mid-50s and thereafter commuted between the USA and Europe. An exceptionally accomplished technician, Peiffer’s solo playing was rich and sometimes florid. He was forward-thinking in his style, despite the swing era resonances of his early associations. He also composed much of his repertoire. His son Stephan Jean-Bernard assembled an album of old home recordings that was released in 2006 under the title Formidable...!

    Épinal, France
  • BORN
    October 23, 1922

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