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About Benjamin Escoriza

Though artistically active both before and after, it was Benjamin Escoriza's time spent as lead singer and songwriter for the landmark group Radio Tarifa that introduced him to the world music audience. Born in Granada and raised in the heart of the Roma community in Spain, Escoriza was weaned on the rich flamenco and Andalusian folk styles carried on in the oral tradition of the people. Escoriza was well-established as a troubadour and expert on Spanish music's Moorish and Arabic roots when he connected with Faín Sánchez Dueñas and Vincent Molino of Ars Antiqua Musicalis to form the new pan-Mediterranean group Radio Tarifa. From the early '90s to the early 2000s, Escoriza worked as Radio Tarifa's lead vocalist, composing a significant amount of the band's music and lyrics. Radio Tarifa experienced significant subculture success, performing all over Europe and the States and becoming one of the genre's most celebrated groups in a decade-plus of activity. Radio Tarifa released three records between 1993 and 2001, exploring the rich diversity of influences woven into the fabric of Mediterranean music. Though Radio Tarifa split in 2006, Escoriza wasted no time, setting to work on a solo project almost immediately. Drawing inspiration from his customary Spanish and North African influences and more, Escoriza wrote a collection of pieces that would both feel familiar to Radio Tarifa fans and also represent his individual musical identity. Alevanta! was released in 2007 to high praise from critics and immediate chart success. Escoriza maintains a busy touring schedule in support of his debut record and aspirations as a solo artist. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

Granada, Spain