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Techno stalwart Bas Mooy has found himself at the cutting edge of the scene as a producer, promoter, DJ, and label owner since the early 2000s. Mooy's labels Mord and Audio Assault push the boundaries of modern techno, while his own productions saw him deliver unabashedly hard techno from the very start.
A native of Rotterdam, Mooy grew up attending school and university in the city before discovering techno in his late teens after attending a club night put on by local crew Strictly Techno. Catching the bug, Mooy found himself putting on parties, DJ'ing, and landing a job at dance distributor Triple Vision. In 2002, he founded his first label Audio Assault -- alongside Jeroen Liebregts (aka Radial) -- with the help of the distributor. Putting out releases by the likes of Vincent De Wit, Gunjack, and Lars Klein, Mooy also teamed up with Radial for his own debut release, 2004's Stamina EP. Although his own releases where few and far between -- 2006's Alliance V, 2007's Metal Coffee Death EP, and 2009's Bazooka Circus EP -- Mooy pushed the label through his own in-demand DJ sets, becoming a mainstay of the scene.
With over 40 releases under its belt, Mooy and Liebregts put Audio Assault to bed in 2013, with the label being a breeding ground for some of the scene's biggest producers. During the final years of the label, Mooy's own productions started to increase and saw him deliver EPs for the likes of Perc Trax, Gynoid Audio, Mote-Evolver, and Planet Rhythm, the latter of which also released his 2009 debut album, Propaganda. Not one to rest on his laurels, Mooy established his own label, Mord, after the close of Audio Assault. Once again pushing the harder end of techno, the label quickly established itself as the go-to label. In its first two years it delivered EPs by the likes of Ansome, Charlton, Paul Birken, and Mooy himself with the release of 2014's Rage, Remedy & the Lash EP. Mooy continued to DJ around the world, putting on parties at some of Europe's biggest techno clubs, and running the label's extensive output. Over the next few years, Mooy and the label put out over 50 releases from some of underground techno's biggest names, as well as helping kickstart the careers of the likes of Lag, Endlec, and Damcase. ~ Rich Wilson

    Rotterdam, NL
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