Barstool Prophets

About Barstool Prophets

The rock band Barstool Prophets formed in the late '80s, consisting of songwriter and bassist Glenn Forrester, guitarists Graham Greer and Al Morier, and drummer Bobby Tamas. The group released a couple of singles and music videos together, and three full-length albums, then seemed to fade away before the new millennium rolled around.

Good friends, Tamas and Forrester, began performing together in their early teens. Later, while still in high school, Greer joined up with them. The threesome landed local gigs as often as possible, using the name Wallflowers. By the time the next decade started, the band had a new member, guitarist Al Morier, a fuller sound, and lots of experience behind them. As word of mouth spread about the indie rock group, and fans increased, the members ran into a small problem — another band with the same name. In 1993 the Wallflowers became the Barstool Prophets, a name the guys pulled from the lyrics of one of their own songs. A year after the name change, Barstool Prophets released its first album, Deflowered. For an independent recording, the debut sold reasonably well. By 1995 the band signed with the Mercury Records label. A sophomore album was soon born, Crank, and a couple of singles appeared around the same time. It took two years for a third offering to arrive, Last of the Big Game Hunters. It was also the last of Barstool Prophets. Some of the tracks indie lovers can sample from the band's recordings include "Mankind Man," "The Ledge," "Beat My Brain," "Wasted," and "Paranoia."

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