Barry Weinberg - Top Songs

Cowboy up 'n Get 'er Done (feat. Don Hicks, Jason Ambrose Van Wie & Joe Beard, Jr)
The Ballad of the Unsung Heroes (feat. Chopper Rousseau & Joe Beard, Jr)
Our Wildlife Thrives / Old Joe Clark (feat. The Heritage Bluegrass Band)
We'll Never Fade Away (feat. Chad Carden, Don Hicks & Jamie Jacobs)
The Ballad of the Unsung Heroes (Instrumental)
The Ballad of the Unsung Heroes (feat. Chad Carden, Don Hicks & Joe Beard, Jr) [Reprise]
I'll Twine Mid the Ringlets (feat. The Heritage Bluegrass Band)
Dina's Song
Out in the Field
Contract on a Handshake (feat. Don Hicks)
Cowboy's Requiem
A Passage of Time
You Cannot Burn the Fire
Taking It All
This Vicious Circle
Welcome to My World
Beyond the Astral Sky
Endless Sea
Come My Way
Come out and Play
The Way
This Vicious Circle
Beyond the Astral Sky
Come out and Play