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Berlin-based duo Barker & Baumecker create a deep, immersive style of dub-influenced techno marked by ever-shifting beats and stunning sound design. Before meeting at the prestigious Berlin nightclub Berghain, both Sam Barker and Andreas Baumecker had been involved with electronic music for years. Baumecker, originally from Frankfurt, was in the A&R division of the dance label UCMG Germany, and launched his own imprint, Freu_nd, which was succeeded by Freundinnen. The label's debut release was "It's About," a 2002 single by Isolée. Baumecker became a resident DJ and booking agent at Berghain when it opened in 2004, after the closure of Ostgut, which Baumecker also spun at. Meanwhile, Barker had studied music in Brighton, England and was part of the city's experimental music scene, and eventually began hoarding analog synthesizers and recording as Voltek. After getting a job at a booking agency, he moved to Berlin in 2007. The two met while organizing a performance by Autechre in 2008. This led to further experimental electronic events under the name Leisure System.
Barker & Baumecker first collaborated musically on a remix of a song by the Seattle band Sleepy Eyes of Death. After developing additional material, the duo were signed to Ostgut Ton, the label associated with Berghain. EP Candyflip appeared in 2010, followed by A Murder of Crows and the full-length Transsektoral, both in 2012. Remixes, an EP including mixes by Machinedrum and Blawan, followed in 2013. Clark's remix of B&B's "Spur" appeared on his remix collection Feast/Beast. The duo became in-demand remixers themselves, with clients including the Field, Sinkane, and Letherette. In 2016, Barker & Baumecker returned with the 12" Love Hertz/Cipher, followed by Turns, their second full-length. ~ Paul Simpson

    Berlin, Germany

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