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At their first show, Bad Religion opened for fellow Southern California punks Social Distortion.

∙ At age 16, guitarist Brett Gurewitz created the band’s controversial logo, which has become one of punk’s most iconic symbols.
∙ They have released most of their music on Gurewitz’s label, Epitaph, which later signed Rancid, The Offspring, and NOFX.
∙ Noted music critic Robert Christgau hailed their 1988 album, Suffer, as a “hardcore milestone,” while NOFX frontman Fat Mike called it “the record that changed everything.”
∙ Featuring the hit singles “21st Century (Digital Boy)” and “Infected,” 1994’s Stranger Than Fiction became the group’s best-selling album.
∙ More than 20 years into their career, they found a new fanbase with the singles “Sorrow” and “Los Angeles Is Burning,” as well as the Top 20 album True North.
∙ In 2003, frontman Greg Graffin received his PhD in zoology from Cornell University, reinforcing Bad Religion’s reputation as one of punk rock’s smartest bands.

    Los Angeles, CA

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