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In India, one performer dominates the rap scene: the Lucknow-born Baba Sehgal. Baba Sehgal's rap is far removed from the sting and grit of Public Enemy, Ice-T, or, to take an example of rap transplanted into another language, French wit MC Solaar. Sehgal's safe, inoffensive pop/rap employs a cutesy-pie image with cheeky Hindi lyrics about hobnobbing with Madonna on the telephone. Interjections of a Hinglish nature (a relative of Japlish, the seemingly dyslexic or random plucking of English words in adverts or on bomber jackets or baseball caps in Japan), like "Five star hotel," "James Bond," "Madonna is a very good friend of mine," abound. Superstardom is his self-professed goal. Despite the transparency of his aims, his is a rare instance of non-filmi success in India. ~ Ken Hunt

Lucknow, India