Avery Harden - Top Songs

Middle Child, Pt. 2 (feat. Steven Joseph)
Look at Me Now
Prodigal Son (feat. Avery Harden)
Today (feat. Avery Harden)
The Underdog
Milo Thatch
Numb (feat. Issac Lawrence & Rose Hills)
Stupid Cupid
Aura (feat. Drivinchi)
Sade's Interlude
Hunnid 50K
We Shine, They Doubt
Syd, Simone, & Teej (feat. Issac Lawrence)
Hustle Hard
Ave's Freestyle
Lil Light of Mine
Dutchie (feat. Drivinchi)
Humble (feat. Avery Harden)
Pop Out
Undercover Prodigy
He-Man Woman Haters Club
Escape the Hood
ADR Radio
Like Ye
A Blessing
Deep Thoughts(Cheers)
Sunny D
Not the Same (Instrumental)
V's Up (feat. Rose Hills)
Confessions II
Too Toxic
Breakthrough (feat. Avery Harden)
A VAlentines DANE
Get Off Me
Wanderlust (feat. Avery Harden)
Out the Way
Set In Stone
Last One
Loved Ones
Shoot (feat. Avery Harden)
Moving To Straya
Playland (feat. Avery Harden)