About Autumn

Peter "Ense" Bonne and Geert "Sen" Coppens grew up as close childhood friends. Ense played the guitar and drums, while Sen showcased his talents with the keyboards and guitar. By the time they were barely in their teens, they were forming bands of their own -- sometimes alone, sometimes with friends -- and entertaining at local events whenever they could. Most of their gigs were pulled together with the help of borrowed instruments that supported the young Ense and Sen through one show at a time. By 1980, their band had a name, Autumn, and a recording out called Seven Days Autumn.
Autumn did many original numbers at its shows, catching plenty of positive attention from most reviewers. A full-length sophomore offering, I Invite, appeared the same year as the debut. It was followed a year later by Hard Breakfast and then in 1982 by Experiments with Environments. Some of the tunes on these recordings are "Inexistential Ocean Voyage," "My Liquid Eyes," "Still Waves the Dream," "Mystery Down Street," "Reach You From Behind My Walls," "I Still Care," "Twilight World," and "Pale Mist Meditation." Experiments with Environments, released under the Micrart Group label, was the last album Ense and Sen completed together as Autumn, since the band saw its end in 1984. They did go on to work with other bands like Twilight Ritual and Linear Movement, and in a company, the Micrart Group, that is still around in the new millennium. ~ Charlotte Dillon


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