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Using an array of self-built machines, Tristan Shone records harsh, apocalyptic music as Author & Punisher. Often categorized as industrial or doom metal, his music is just as heavily influenced by dubstep, dub techno, and No U-Turn-style dark drum'n'bass, combining mutated, droning bass and skull-crushing drums. Active since 2004, the project has established a loyal fan base through constant touring and a prolific release schedule, as well as YouTube videos of Shone's studio demonstrations and live performances. His recordings range from the dubby experimentation of 2012's Ursus Americanus to surprisingly melodic (yet still dark and overpowering) releases like 2018's Beastland.
Shone worked as a mechanical engineer in Boston before moving to San Diego, California to study art and sculpture. Here, he began constructing his custom-built instruments and controllers (including Drone Machines and Dub Machines) using raw materials and open source electronic circuitry. His initial self-released albums, 2005's The Painted Army and 2007's Warcry, seemed to contain more guitars and more of a resemblance to radio-ready alternative metal than his subsequent work, yet were still quite experimental. Following the release of the more Godflesh-esque Drone Machines in 2010, Author & Punisher began receiving more attention from the noise, industrial, and metal scenes. Seventh Rule Recordings released Ursus Americanus in 2012, followed by Women & Children a year later. Breakcore producers Bong-Ra and Gore Tech collaborated on an Author & Punisher remix EP, which was released by Enduser's Sonicterror Recordings in 2014. The following year, A&P's Melk En Honing was produced by Pantera's Phil Anselmo and released by his label, Housecore Records. Following a self-issued EP, 2017's Pressure Mine, Shone made his Relapse debut with 2018 full-length Beastland. ~ Paul Simpson

    New Hampshire
  • BORN
    October 18, 1977

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