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Oslo, Norway's Aura Noir is a side project for some of the local extreme metal scene's most noted luminaries, to wit: vocalist/bassist Ole Jørgen Moe, guitarist Carl-Michael Eide (both of them also with Cadaver and Dødheimsgard), guitarist Rune Erickson (Mayhem, Mezzerschmitt), and, as of late, drummer Dirge Rep (Enslaved, Gehenna, etc.). Getting their start as early as 1993, the occasional supergroup issued a number of demos before debuting in 1995 with the Dreams Like Deserts EP, which revealed them to be essentially thrash enthusiasts immersed in the stylistic trappings of the surrounding black metal community. Aura Noir's follow-up efforts have included 1997's Black Thrash Attack, 1999's Deep Tracts of Hell, and 2000's Increased Damnation -- the last of which also featured guest contributions from Darkthrone legend Fenriz. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

    Oslo, Norway

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