About Audiotopsy

Audiotopsy is an American heavy rock quartet whose sound is comprised of melodic hooks, straight-ahead metallic riffs, and dynamic, big-production atmospherics. They refer to themselves as a "progressive hard rock band."
Formed in 2014 by Mudvayne's guitarist Greg Tribbett (also a former member of Hellyeah) and drummer Matt McDonough, the band is fronted by Skrape vocalist Billy Keeton and rounded out by bassist Perry Stern.
The group began jamming and writing together in 2014 with the goal of setting themselves apart with their songwriting and dynamic presentation. Almost immediately, they gelled as a unit and began recording their debut album at the Porch Studio in Orlando, Florida with engineer Tim Laud. After entertaining offers from several labels, they signed with Napalm Records. "Headshot," a preview track, appeared on various websites in July of 2015, followed in August by "The Calling." The full-length Natural Causes was issued in early October. ~ Thom Jurek


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