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About Attic Abasement

After performing with Rochester, New York noise rock instrumentalists Science vs. Witchcraft, guitarist Mike Rheinheimer decided to indulge his mellow side when the band had run its course. In 2006 Rheinheimer started recording the self-titled debut EP from what would become his new project, Attic Abasement. Released a year later, the EP saw Rheinheimer drawing influence from the opposite side of the spectrum than that of his previous band, with the lo-fi, Pavement-esque sound signifying Rheinheimer's laid-back approach. The following year the full-length album Swim Through the Dirt was self-released, and although essentially Rheinheimer's solo project, he drafted in fellow Rochester musicians to help fill out the sound when playing live. A few years later in 2010 the ultra-lo-fi cassette release Don't Hate Fuck appeared, as well as the warmly received second full-length Dancing Is Depressing. After a four-year gap, the band returned with a split LP with fellow Rochesterians Nod, and the following year reentered the studio to record new material. At the beginning of 2016 the band announced the release of its third full-length, Dream News. Released on independent label Father/Daughter Records, the album appeared in May to positive reviews. ~ Rich Wilson.

Rochester, NY

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