With clean-cut looks and a bright, dance-friendly sound, K-pop sextet Astro debuted in 2016 via the Fantagio label. Incorporating hip-hop beats and soothing harmonies, they issued a series of seasonally titled EPs through 2017 before unveiling their debut full-length, All Light, in 2019.
Formerly known as iTeen Boys, Astro is comprised of members JinJin (leader), MJ, Cha Eun-woo, Moon Bin, Rocky, and Yoon San-ha. The group was announced in late 2015 with the reality show Astro OK! Ready, which was followed by the release of their debut EP, Spring Up, in early 2016. Featuring the single "Hide & Seek," the set marked their first appearance on the Billboard World Albums chart, landing at number six. Months later, sophomore EP Summer Vibes secured them their second number six placement. After concerts in the U.S., Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand, they closed the year with their third seasonal EP, Autumn Story. 2017's Winter Dream closed the concept series, and the boys issued Dream Part.01 and 02 before internal label drama placed a follow-up on hold.
Nearly eight months later, Astro released their only effort for 2018, Rise Up. They came back strong in early 2019 with their official debut full-length, All Light, which topped the Korean chart and climbed into the Top Ten on the U.S. world charts. The group issued the mini-album Blue Flame later in the year. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

    Seoul, South Korea
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