Arthur Rubinstein
Arthur Rubinstein

Arthur Rubinstein

About Arthur Rubinstein

Widely recognized as one of the greatest pianists of all time, Arthur Rubinstein's career spanned eight decades.

∙ A child prodigy with perfect pitch and a photographic memory, Rubinstein began studying the piano at age three and gave his first public performance at seven.
∙ He made his Carnegie Hall debut in 1906, but it was his legendary 1937 concert there that cemented his reputation as a musical genius and worldwide star.
∙ During the ’40s, he contributed piano soundtracks to several films and also appeared as himself in the movies Carnegie Hall and Follow the Boys.
∙ Born in Poland, Rubinstein moved to the US during World War II, became a citizen in 1946, and was awarded the Medal of Freedom 30 years later.
Arthur Rubinstein – The Love of Life, a 1969 film that chronicled his life and illustrious career, won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.
∙ Rubinstein’s repertoire included music from Beethoven, Mozart, and Brahms, but he was best-known as a master interpreter of Chopin.
∙ During his lifetime, he completed more than 200 studio recordings.
∙ Rubinstein won 10 Grammy Awards, including a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994.

    Lódz, Poland
  • BORN
    January 28, 1887

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