Arthur Loves Plastic

About Arthur Loves Plastic

Though perhaps unintentional, the image of a cat (the titular, dearly departed Arthur) romping with a grocery store bag evokes the kind of playful resourcefulness that fuels Bev Stanton's techno sound adventures. The D.C.-area producer creates multi-layered, hyperkinetic atmospheres from a simple basement setup, often incorporating the passionate vocals of local jazz-folk singer Lisa Moscatiello, as well as potent soundbites and other ephemera. Stanton's prolific discography varies in tone from album to album, but a festive, danceable thread runs through them all. The Bahamian-born, Florida-raised Stanton has released about one full-length work per year since 1995 (mainly on her own Machine Heart Records), punctuated by the occasional spirited remix collection, and has won multiple "Wammies" (Washington Area Music Awards). She has also created sounds for theater, television shows, dance pieces, and advertising, and has become a popular Beltway club DJ. ~ Paula Carino

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