About Apink

Apink are a long-running K-pop outfit who began with sweet bubblegum pop and matured into a band that defies traditional girl-group norms.

• Apink's innocent, vintage-tinged pop songs earned them several “best new artist” honors at award shows when they debuted in 2011.
• The group’s early sound was reminiscent of “first-generation” K-pop girl groups from the ’90s and early ’00s, including S.E.S. and Fin.K.L.
• Mixed inside the sweet synths of some of Apink's biggest hits include flashes of early hip-hop and vintage dance music, heard in tracks like "My My," "Luv," and "NoNoNo."
• While most K-pop girl groups run their course within seven years, Apink chose to reinvent themselves with the bold, sleek synth-pop single “I'm So Sick” at their seven-year point in 2018.
• Apink continued to showcase a sophisticated feel with later singles “%% (Eung Eung)” (2019) and “Dumdurum” (2020). The latter became their biggest K-pop hit in years and showed how a girl group could successfully evolve their image.

    Seoul, South Korea