Antoine Dufour
Antoine Dufour

Antoine Dufour

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Antoine Dufour is a French-Canadian fingerstyle guitarist with a slap harmonics-driven, percussive playing style that invokes names like Phil Keaggy, Leo Kottke, and Michael Hedges. A native of L'?piphanie, Quebec, Dufour took up the instrument at the age of 15, and furthered his studies at the vocational CEGEP college in the city of Joliette. In 2005 he placed second at that years' Canadian Guitar Festival's Fingerstyle Guitar Championship, and the following year he took home the top prize. Between 2005 and 2011 he released five solo albums (Naissance, Development, Existence, Convergences, and Sound Pictures), as well as numerous YouTube videos, often with friend and fellow six-string wizard Andy McKee, which helped garner him a substantial fan base. Dufour also works as a guitar instructor. ~ James Christopher Monger

    L'Épiphanie, Quebec, Canada
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