Annea Lockwood

About Annea Lockwood

Composer Annea Lockwood is an avant-garde experimenter who was a pioneer in the fields of sound sculpture and mixed-media composition. Many of her works are based on found natural sounds. Her 1966 work, The Glass Concert, was written for two performers playing a variety of glass sound-makers, including tubing and glass shards. Her Piano Transplants series submerged, burned, or planted disused pianos in various locations. Lockwood's World Rhythms mixed sounds of an earthquake, a fire, quasars, a volcano, mud pools, tides, and birds, answered with a gong. Her Becoming Air was developed with trumpeter Nate Wooley and uses extended techniques and electronics to destabilize, in a way, the player's control over his instruments, while Into the Vanishing Point addressed the global crash in insect populations; those two works appeared on an album in 2021.

    Christchurch, New Zealand
  • BORN
    July 29, 1939

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