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Anne Murray

Anne Murray

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As a country/pop crossover star in the U.S. and a national institution in her native Canada, Anne Murray broke too many records to name over the course of her career. Through it all, her mix of pop, folk, and country and her crystalline, endlessly adaptable voice have been constants. Born in Nova Scotia in 1945, the onetime physical-education teacher kicked off her recording career in 1968, and her gentle 1970 single “Snowbird” made her an international success. From that point on, the blockbuster hits would continue in Canada for decades. Her next U.S. smash came with her take on the Kenny Loggins ballad “Danny’s Song,” and in the years that followed, Murray proved herself a gifted interpreter of a broad range of styles. Her hitbound, fuzz-bass-driven version of The Beatles’ “You Won’t See Me,” for instance, showed her more rocking side (and was said to be beloved by none other than John Lennon himself). By the late ’70s, Murray’s sound had evolved to a state of polished pop perfection, and tunes like “You Needed Me” made her an enduring superstar of the American country scene. She retired from the music business in 2008, having earned just about every conceivable honor in both the U.S. and Canada.

    Spring Hill, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • BORN
    June 20, 1945

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