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Brothers Nelson and Sergio Rosado, born in Lisbon in 1976 and 1980, had long shared the goal of making their living as musicians. With a musical father and a vocally talented mother, the boys were both enrolled in the national Academy of Music around the age of seven and eight where Nelson learned piano and accordion, and Sergio studied guitar. The brothers first performed as a duo in 1988, and have seldom performed apart since. By their mid-teens, the Rosado brothers began to appear on local radio and television. After brief participation in the group Setimo Ceu, the brothers returned to their career path as a duo in 1998. They realized a family dream in 1999 with their debut release, Ficarei, followed shortly thereafter by Ao Vivo, under the group name Anjos. The records sold better than 200,000 copies. Subsequent releases like Espelho (2001) and Segredos (2003) experienced similar success, earning the duo an increasingly large fan base throughout Portugal. Their tireless touring in support of each release generated strong grassroots support, so much so that upon the release of Segredos, the record sold more than 15,000 copies in only four days. The band's fourth original release Alma was released in 2005, ushered in by the single "A Vida Faz -- Me Bem," an ode the goodness of life that became something of a Portuguese youth anthem in the year of its release. Anjos thanked their fans for the years of success they'd enjoyed with a pair of high-profile concerts held in the Coliseus do Porto and in Lisbon. A live in-concert DVD was made to capture the event, and was released early in 2007. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

Lisbon, Portugal

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