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Angie McMahon’s 2017 debut single, “Slow Mover,” doubled as an apt descriptor of her work to come: unhurried indie-rock dirges smoldering with emotion. (See also “Missing Me,” another cathartic showcase for McMahon’s vivid, quaking vocals and foreboding guitar-gnashing.) The Melbourne songwriter has poured just as much feeling into a surprising array of covers, reshaping classics by Neil Young, Bonnie Tyler, and even ABBA to slot in closer to her own emotional frequency. Six years after scoring her first serious break—winning a contest to tour with Bon Jovi around Australia—McMahon released her 2019 debut album, Salt. She revisited some of those songs in stark piano mode the following year, leaning even further into her trademark slow-burn approach. Most notably, she transforms Salt’s skeletal closing track, “If You Call,” into a hushed, stunning duet with Canada’s Leif Vollebekk, packing her most affecting singing to date.

Melbourne, Australia