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Before founding Angels & Airwaves, Tom DeLonge spent more than a decade playing with blink-182, the pop-punk band he cofounded in 1992.

∙ After blink-182 went on hiatus in 2005, DeLonge announced his new band, Angels & Airwaves.
∙ Angels & Airwaves’ debut album, 2006’s We Don’t Need to Whisper, debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard chart.
In 2008, the band appeared on an episode of One Tree Hill, performing as themselves at a USO concert.
∙ They coproduced and provided music for Love, a 2011 film about an astronaut grappling with questions about the human condition while stranded in space.
∙ Their 2014 album, The Dream Walker, was released alongside the animated short Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, which DeLonge cowrote and codirected.
∙ DeLonge, who has a deep interest in aliens and the paranormal, was named UFO Researcher of the Year at 2017’s International UFO Congress.

    San Diego, CA

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