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Hard rockers Anew Revolution are based in Austin, TX and were founded by former Ünloco vocalist/guitarist Joey Duenas together with ex-Slaves on Dope members Frank "Frankie" Salvaggio (bass/backing vocals) and Rob Urbani (drums). The trio proceeded to hone its chops on a pair of independently released EPs -- 2005's Revolution and 2007's Live at the Machine Shop in Flint -- before securing a deal with Koch/E1 (and enlisting lead guitarist Shaun Stockton) for the release of the group's debut full-length, Rise, in 2008. Along the way, Anew Revolution (ANR for short) toured with bands like Drowning Pool, Nonpoint, 12 Stones, Otep, and Kittie, and scheduled the release of their sophomore album, iMerica, in April 2010. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

    Austin, TX

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