About andymori

The band’s name is a reference to artist Andy Warhol and the Latin phrase “memento mori” (“remember you must die”).

∙ They released their first recording, the EP Andy to Rock to Bengal Tora to Whisky, in 2008.
∙ In 2010, andymori performed overseas for the first time, one of four acts on the inaugural Next Music from Tokyo tour.
∙ Their song “1984” refers to the year that all three band members were born.
∙ Vocalist/guitarist Sōhei Oyamada typically performed their English-titled songs in Japanese, switching to English for the refrains.
∙ andymori’s fourth album, 2012’s Hikari, hit No. 8 on the Oricon Albums chart.
∙ After their fifth and final album, Uchuuno Hateha Kono Menomaeni, they embarked on a farewell tour culminating at Tokyo’s famed Nippon Budokan arena.