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Andy Lau

Andy Lau

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Not only one of Hong Kong's most popular film stars, Andy Lau is also a leading Cantopop singer whose career spans several decades and includes hits in both Cantonese and Mandarin. Born in Hong Kong on September 27, 1961, he established himself as an up-and-coming star in 1982 with a lead role in the TVB series Hunting, followed by a starring role in the 1983 television adaptation of the classic wuxia novel The Return of the Condor Heroes. He made his debut as a Cantopop singer in 1985 and, after rising to success in this medium as well, crossed over to the Mandarin music market in 1990. His singing career peaked in popularity during the 1990s, when he released at least an album a year in each language, and his success continued well into the 21st century.

    Hong Kong
  • BORN
    September 27, 1961

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