Andy Brown

About Andy Brown

Perhaps best known as the lead singer of British pop/rock outfit Lawson, Andy Brown formed the band in 2009 and helped guide it to chart success. Born in Liverpool in 1987, Brown grew up influenced by the rich musical history of the city as well as developing a love for country music. After performing in various bands, his first brush with fame came via the short-lived boy band, Avenue, alongside the Wanted's Max George. After they disbanded in 2009, Brown joined forces with Joel Peat, Ryan Fletcher, and Adam Pitts to form the Grove. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor -- which was successfully operated on -- Brown decided to dedicate the band to his surgeon, renaming them Lawson in tribute. Over the next few years, the group released numerous singles and the 2012 album Chapman Square. In 2014, after finishing writing their sophomore album, Brown was once again hospitalized, suffering from liver failure. After months of recovery, Lawson finally headed to Nashville to record their sophomore album, 2016's Perspective. Deciding to focus on his own material, Brown set about recording his solo debut the following year. Preceded by the single "Landslide," which featured vocals from the Shires' Crissie Rhodes, the full-length Cedarmont appeared in early 2018. ~ Rich Wilson

    Liverpool, England
  • BORN
    May 8, 1987